Consensus Lab and SUMUS Reach Strategic Partnership

Recently, the Consensus Lab reached a strategic partnership with the top blockchain company SUMUS. The two sides will jointly explore the application of the underlying technology of the blockchain in the real economy and international trade. SUMUS has the top technology accumulation in the blockchain industry. The Consensus Lab will help SUMUS to quickly land and commercialize the underlying technology applications in the blockchain, and actively participate in global landing and ecological construction programs.

Team Introduction

SUMUS was founded in 2015. The core team consists of 35 experts in mathematics, economics and security. Also formerly known as some of the experts and architects of companies such as HP, IBM, Red Hat. There are currently 150 technicians. 

Core Technology

The SUMUS blockchain is based on decentralization, security and reliability: Effectively solves the problem of distributed blockchain network outbound speed and performance issues that can be achieved by chain transaction processing. The processing efficiency of the traditional centralized server is dynamically adjusted from 1 to 20 seconds. TPS can currently reach 12000, and it is expected to reach 20000 in the future. Outgoing nodes can be up to 10000 at the same time without reducing TPS efficiency. (1) SUMUS technology in the hardware encryption module (HSM) BTC / ETH and other cross-chain transfer have realized a single cross-chain transfer and other core technologies within 1 second. All transactions are done on the blockchain and are transparent and traceable. (2) SUMUS, the self-developed main blockchain technology already contains 500,000 lines of optimized source code.

Other Core Technologies:

• Create and introduce enterprise systems that transmit encrypted messages using a hybrid encryption algorithm that uses symmetric and asymmetric encryption
• Create a super-protected storage key for the corporate network for the user
• Establish an information protection tool distributed management system
• Create a layered certificate system (PKI) and reference cross-validation from an external certificate authority
• Create a data transfer anonymous system using the Onion Router (ToR) and the Invisible Network Program (I2P)
• Create a data transfer anonymization system based on a hidden logical channel
• Create a high-load fail-safe system
• Create a protected operating system
• The makers of several national standards in the field of encryption protocols

Foreign Partnership 

The versatility of the SUMUS blockchain makes it applicable to many businesses in all sectors of the national economy. The BRICS countries have shown great interest in the blockchain solutions developed by the SUMUS team and are committed to applying blockchain technology to the real economy and cross-border trade.

(1) SUMUS and Totvs SA (Brazil) has reached a partnership, the two parties will integrate the blockchain into the ERP system, which is actively implementing industry solutions, mainly to solve the information system of safe and uninterrupted operation.
(2) Projects that SUMUS is advancing include Halal Draft (Halal-Food Standard), Sadaqat (Charity Agency), BRIC and Silk Road Business Association to enable them to develop blockchain technology and benefit from the common interests created by SUMUS' cutting-edge technology solutions.

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